Compared with big manufacturers, we have smaller overheads that is why we could give a competitive price. What the advantage we have is not the huge factory, not the full line machining capabilities, but the concept for business and the way we run the business. QUALITY is the top priority for our team, the price we don’t think is the ONLY reason for experienced buyers. As there are possibility and risk to receive unqualified even rubbish at the end if only run after lower price, then it lost value in outsourcing and cost very high. So, looking for suitable partners or changing becomes very important but not cheap. We are dedicated to manufacturing correct products for customers to save their time & cost and being a reliable link among customers’ supply chain.

What process do we spend more time and money on?

It is quality inspection and control. The more inspection job we do, the less issue happened in customers’ places. As we know, correct products mean parts can be fitted or assembled easily when customers receive, whatever holes, angels, leveling, etc. It doesn’t need to do any rework any more. We have a proper QC job in each process to control the accuracy before the next step. Cost is much lower in our pace than customers’. If we find somewhere unqualified, we will fix it and even reject it directly. The quality systems are compliant with ISO9001-2015 standards and AWS standards.

What about technical communication?

Our skilled technician team works closely on drawings, to produce metal parts to exact specifications, discuss questions, and confirm all details before mass production.

What about warranty?

For each project, we make exact paperwork notes during the whole process until loading into the container. Any issue happens during the period, we could give you responses & solution within 48 hours. The warranty period is not the same as the finishing is different.

Hot-dig galvanization —5 years

Zinc plated—————-1 year

Powder-coated———–2 years

No matter whether your job is a high volume run or a prototype, the needs always get a quick response with quality metal parts, on-time delivery, at a fair price.