NANTONG ZHUO YUE METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD is a Steel Fabrication Welding, Installation company based in Nantong, China. We provide a fabrication service across a wide range of VMS trailer frames, chassis, road traffic equipment VMS trailer-mount message board, VSLS, ARROW BOARD, battery box, aluminum toolbox, and other custom parts in metal, aluminum, and stainless-steel parts.

The factory was moved from Qingdao in 2016 to Nantong, which takes 2000 square meters with 6 staff in management and 12 workers.

NANTONG ZHUO YUE METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD is ISO 9001:2015 certified! With this certification, our customers have faith that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal – meeting the highest expectations and requirements for all our customers.


Our customers’ satisfaction is at the core of our actions and represents the first objective of our quality policy., we are committed to:

  • To provide the best customer experience, our staff always respond and support you every day, at any hour of the day.


  • To make for long-lasting performance, more efficient and continuous product improvement, and advancements to meet your needs.


  • To use the most rigorous quality control measures to produce all our products. Any unqualified products to be rejected or scrapped at our price never send out.


  • Provide a high value-added product, compliant with the requirements, upon which our customers can use without any problems.


  • Maintain and seek the highest quality standards in managing our internal processes and in implementing the resulting procedures.


  • Give a prominent place to the quality of customer service.


  • Encourage the whole team in a process of continuous improvement.