Trailer Spring Front Hanger Trailer Metal Fabrication Parts

Parameters of Trailer Spring Front Hanger Trailer Metal Fabrication Parts

We are experienced in metal fabrication work, especially trailer frames. This type of trailer parts is for spring and wire assembly.

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According to the Drawings

Surface Treatment

Natural Black


According to the Quantity

Delivery Time

30 Days


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Details about Trailer Spring Front Hanger Trailer Metal Fabrication Parts

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Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd has been specialized in sheet metal fabrication since 2016, products include steel buildings, trailer frames, metal pallets, cages, signs. etc.

Not only we manufacture productions, but also provide product design, assembly, and packaging, besides delivery service:

  1. Metalworking Service: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal Frame Manufacturing, Cutting Service, Metal Bending, Sheet Folding, Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, etc.
  1. Welding Service: TIG welding, MIG welding, or as customer’s requirements.
  1. Precision Machining Service: Laser Cutting for sheets and tubes, CNC Bending, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Boring, etc.
  2. Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, etc.
  3. Surface Treatment: Zinc plated, powder coating, painting, hot-dipped galvanizing, polishing, sandblasting, chrome plating, deburred, etc.
  1. Guaranteed service: Testing report, QC Report.